IOT Solutions

We specialize in leveraging the latest IT technologies into solutions that enhance tracking and authentication of our bio-degradable bags.

This provides unprecedented accuracy and security to demands where real-time information acquisition is critical. 


With the advancement of 5G technology, IOT (Internet of Things) will enable our systems to keep track of an object's location, condition, and authenticity. 

Our RFID tags and QR codes enhance collection and recycling since the contents of each bag can be easily identified. In cases where hazardous wastes, such as medical or chemical wastes, have to be handled, our RFID labeled bags can further prevent accidental contamination.


Our bags can easily be integrated into automated systems to improve efficiency and safety. 

Holographic Labels

Holographic labels are proven to be a valuable asset in the anti-counterfeiting front by preventing alterations and indicating tampering.


Holograms are extremely difficult to counterfeit and can aesthetically enhance your brand image. Combined with QR codes, contents in our bags can be secured and tracked. 


This technology is very matured and we possess extensive knowledge and experience in implementing related solutions.

 QR Coded Shopping Bags